Extraordinary Operations

Operazioni Straordinarie 1

Extraordinary operations are actions carried out outside the ordinary management of the company and which are essential for reorganizing, adapting or rationalizing the structure of a company, company or business unit. These are operations that the company tends to implement in view of mutations in the market or in the socio/economic or legislative environment, or in view of corporate changes and innovative strategies. These operations include, for example, the change in the structure or the change in the legal form of the company, the transfer of ownership of the company or control of the company, or the liquidation of the company to proceed with the closure.

Most operations are voluntary, while some, such as bankruptcy or compulsory administrative liquidation, are mandatory.

The main operations are:







CUTAdvisory supports companies to coordinate them in all phases of M&A (Merger and Acquisition, which include the analysis of the operation, the assessment of the feasibility and convenience of the extraordinary operation in question, the identification of the suitable tools o achieve the objectives pursued by the customer.