Digitalizzazione Servizi

Pursuing a path through digitalization tools allows companies to adapt to the world around them and enter local markets, but above all foreign ones without necessarily physically creating an office in the cross-border country. Through tools such as direct or indirect e-commerce it is possible to access overseas markets with greater ease and lower costs.
Not only in terms of ecommerce but also of a real digital transformation of business processes.
Both management and fiscal support to better evaluate whether to undertake a direct or indirect ecommerce path.

Direct Ecommerce is a type in which all stages of the transaction take place online, order, payment, delivery as well as all exchanges between the supplier of goods/services and the final consumer. In essence, it is a trade in exclusively virtual goods or online services, through automated processes made possible with the development of new technologies and automated processes.

Indirect e-commerce is a tool for the sale of tangible goods, which necessarily require physical delivery.
Companies pursuing an ecommerce strategy use the web to increase their visibility, increase sales and make their brand known. For accounting and tax purposes, creating a direct or indirect ecommerce involves a different imputation and this is what our team deals with.

Digital management of the company processes

Rendering flexibile the internal structure leaner

By minimizing water through the expense decrease and the relative  risk

Change the cost composition

Ways of doing business, marketing, advertising and communication

Innovate the researched profiles

and the know-how required within the companies

Digital Transformation

Digitalization and informatization

of the entire management of the company structure

Collection, processing and synchronization of the data

for the management of the productive cycles, handling and distribution of the goods

Creation of new sharing

and sales channels (e-commerce)


The e-commerce becomes a true virtual shop, a place where consumers buy goods and services by a simple click. Through the e-commerce the enterprises can increase sensibly their revenues, through a process of internationalization that gives them access to markets based anywhere in the world.