CUTAdvisory is a brand new project presented by CUTAdvisory Srl, a Start Up that was first constituted in 2019 in Prato thanks to the union of three professional figures of different generations, with the intent of offering an active management control through the use of innovative tools and offering to clients solutions geared towards digital transformation and internationalization.

CUTAdvisory is a project conceived / established by the will of a Team that intertwines the professionalism of an expert accountant, statutory auditor and university professor with thirty years of experience in the international and national tax area and in corporate finance, and the innovation of two young Management graduates with experience acquired in foreign markets and with a strong propensity towards Digital Transformation.

Alongside the Founders, the CUTAdvisory team is supported by Partners of expert accountants, lawyers and university professors who carry out active management control functions for the creation of the CUT Dashboard and the assessment of core and non-core costs, using the CostCutting tool.

The Partners supported by our Founders have developed specialized skills in developing business related to national and multinational management, acquiring significant knowledge in the management, administrative and tax sectors.

Furthermore, CUTAdvisory, after having created the Cut Dashboard and having highlighted the areas for improvement of the internal company structure, passes on the work to CUTAgency, an external reality that deals with proposing alternative and more competitive solutions on the market to reduce or eliminate excessive costs sustained up to that point.

Cut Advisory Company | CUTAdvisory

The idea

Cut Advisory | CUTAdvisory

The idea

We strongly believe in collaboration between different generations. The idea is to connect the experience of a well-known Generation X professional and two young people of the Millennial Generation in order to create a winning weapon to keep up with the changes on the market; we also propose this same principle to companies: opening up to the future looking for more advantageous solutions in terms of costs, digital and internationalization.



The goal is to find together the best way to expand the business of the companies that will turn to us. The company mission is to provide measurable support in  uantitative and qualitative terms of the internal company structure, acting directly on the points on which a company must leverage and on the areas for improvement.

Cut Advisory Mission | CUTAdvisory


Pier Luigi Brogi

Chartered Accountant

Statutory Auditor- Statutory Auditor,
CFE – European Tax Advisor,
Expert in international taxation,
business groups,
extraordinary transactions.

Pier Luigi Brogi | CUTAdvisory

Giulia Martelli

Giulia Martelli | CUTAdvisory

Graduated in Management and Business Communication at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

trainee Chartered Accountant

Gian Marco Brogi

practicing Chartered Accountant

Bachelor’s Degree in Management from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan.

Gian Marco Brogi | CUTAdvisory

Project promoted in collaboration with Ferretti Firm

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